Cracking the Apostolic and Prophetic Code

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Dr. Craig Ponder and Wife Prophet Darlene Ponder

Dr. Craig A. Ponder Sr., Ph.D., CEA, CFE, CFWC, CKC, CKT, is the author of Cracking the Apostolic and Prophetic Code™ which is a book of impartation and warfare and I believe that where all of the other books on the Marketplace, Workplace Movement and 7 Mountains have either stopped, left off, or dare to go this book along with our System will take you out of the “4 Walls” and beyond the Marketplace, Workplace and into the Kingdom of God!

Today is not a time to maintain and defend the fort it is a time of ADVANCEMENT! A time to go out of the “4 walled” church and into all of the world (kosmos). You don’t have to sit in the local church ANY LONGER waiting and hoping that your pastor or church leaders will release you! Jesus released you 2000 years ago. Now you just need to be confirmed, set in your place and know whether you’re called to the “4 walled” church, Market place or the Work place. This isn’t a license for you to rebel against your pastor, present leadership or the church. But you should never follow any leaders that are compromising, controlling or won’t release!

If you like or believe in the 7 Mountain (Prophecy) Revelation, you will love this life changing book!

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You don’t have to wait for any four-walled church leader, pastor or religious organization to release you, because if they DO NOT have a revelation of the Kingdom of God and all of its benefits for the Saints and if they DO NOT embrace the apostolic or the prophetic and the apostles and prophets ministry then there is a good chance that they probably will NEVER release you, because they are bound by religion and tradition!

It’s not enough ANY LONGER just to be a church member or go to church! It’s not enough JUST TO BE a Christian Business Owner or a Christian doing business! We are God’s holy Apostles and Prophets and true wealth transfer and global dominion will not take place until we (Business Leaders) shift into our place. It’s time to stop just serving and following men, because they mention the name of Christ or are great preachers! You were never created to be entertained, but to rule and reign as Kings and Priests!

You must know what ‘YOUR ROLE and YOUR RIGHTS” are as a son and daughter of God! You have been raised up together and seated together in HEAVENLY places in Christ! You have been called to be a joint heir with Christ! You are the seed of Abraham and heirs according to the promise. You were given dominion (Legal Right To Rule) directly from God himself to subdue or rule the world long before the 4” walled church” was ever structured (Existed)! You need to be set and released into your place and released into your realm of authority so that YOU can begin to ADVANCE in the Kingdom!

There are 12 Kingdoms or Worlds (Realms) that God wants you and me to rule and reign in. The number twelve is the number of Divine Government and Apostolic Fulfillment.

I encourage you to enter into new apostolic and prophetic relationships that are confirming and releasing others into their ministry, function, gifts, calling and position in the body of Christ. Jesus not only called the 12 apostles, but He IDENTIFIED THEM and RELEASED THEM into their earthly ministry!

Cracking the Apostolic and the Prophetic Code will do just that! It will IDENTIFY YOU and RELEASE YOU as you read through its pages and by the time that you are done you will be free from Religion, Tradition and Racism so that you can take your place in the 3 Gates of Heaven and then you can begin to rule and reign in the 12 Kingdoms that God has given you authority in!

Today your time has come for you to be able to step outside of the four-walled church as an Apostle or Prophet and King-Priest in the Marketplace and embrace the apostolic and prophetic in the Workplace!

The early church scattered due to persecution and the church today has been scattered due to REJECTION, but now that the office of apostle has been fully restored the hand of God or the 5-fold office or ministry can now GRAB HOLD of the earth through you and rule it! If you are an Entrepreneur or a Christian Business Owner, feel called outside the four-walled church or believe that God has called you to be wealthy so that you can impact society and the world that you live in? Then REPENT (turn away from all religion and tradition) for the Kingdom of Heaven is at (IN YOUR) hand!

It is NOW TIME for you to rise up, be confirmed and ordained and SET IN YOUR PLACE as Apostles and Prophets in the marketplace and be recognized and honored as an EQUAL and on the same level as every other four-walled church leader, pastor or those who minister behind the pulpit so that the Transfer of Wealth can begin to take place in the Kingdom of God.

This book provides and will release Apostolic and Prophetic Strategies and Insight for the Present Day Church on How You Can TAKE OVER, INFLUENCE or TRANSFORM Your Family, Region, Territory, Culture, City, Industry, State, Country and World!!

Cracking the Apostolic and Prophetic Code

I’d like to personally thank you for visiting our website I GUARANTTE that this book, its INFORMATION and the REVEALATION will IMMEDIATELY change your life, family, business, Finances and ministry! For over 24 years now I have lived in the revelation of what you are about to read. In the last several years there have been a lot of books written about the Market Place or Christians in business, but I believe that this book will be the one that will take you beyond where the others have left off!

It is your time to rise up and step out of the four-walled church and into the calling and office that God has for your life, but it will require and apostolic and prophetic shift! There are NO MORE DELAYS! The Kingdom of Heaven is at (In Your) hand.

Cracking the Apostolic and the Prophetic Code will not only set you free, but it will also deliver your from the bondages of religion and tradition and then it will confirm you and set you in your place so that you will know what Gate that you are called to either the Ecclesia “The Church”, The Market Place or The Work Place. You then must know what Kingdom that you are called to rule and reign in and there are 12 Kingdoms of this world.

Attention Senior Pastors / Network Leaders: If you want to host a book signing, use our books for a book of the month club or need proven accredited curriculum with strategies for your small groups please let us know. Senior Pastors or Network Leaders, if you will embrace the message of this book and allow its revelation to get into your heart God will allow you to become a key leader in the Kingdom of God and in your territory so that your sons and daughters can come from afar so that those that are in your church can be released to take over the world!

Establishing and Releasing Kings To Take Over!
Apostle Dr. Craig and Prophet Darlene Ponder

Celebrating 24 Years of Marriage, Business and Ministry!

Cracking the Apostolic and Prophetic Code



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